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Call for poster presentations - students and young researchers

As part of its 2014 annual scientific meeting, the RQSHA opens a call for poster presentation propositions on the subject of suicide, mood disorders and associated disorders.  The meeting will take place May 15th 2014.

This meeting will be held in conjunction with the 82nd meeting of the Association francophone pour le savoir - ACFAS, and all submissions must be made in French.

You can find a description of the theme of the meeting and the procedures to submit an abstract in this pdf document (in French only): 


World Congress on Brain, Behavior and Emotions

The world Congress on Brain, Behavior and Emotions is took place , April 7th - 9th 2014,  in Montreal.  View the meeting website here:  Many members of the RQSHA participated;  Here is the schedule of presentations by our members:


Richard Tremblay portrait in Nature

A portrait of RQSHA member Richard Tremblay, who directed the "Montreal longitudinal study" to understand the root of agressivity in children, was published recently in the journal Nature.  

Read the Nature News Feature:  Behaviour and biology: The accidental epigeneticist, Stephen S. Hall.

Dr. Suzanne Lamarre publishes «Le suicide, l'affaire de tous»

couverture livre LamarreDr. Suzanne Lamarre recently published a book written for a general audience, available now in book stores and in electronic format (ePub).  The book is published by the Éditions de l'homme.

The book description is as follows (in French only)

Laurence Kirmayer spotlight on the McGill Psychiatry website

Read a recent profile of Dr. Laurence J Kirmayer, RQSHA member, published by the McGill Dept. of psychiatry

$ 9.8 million to the Douglas Institute for the creation of a centre specializing in research on depression and suicide

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Réjean Hébert, M.D., Ph.D, along with Executive Director of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, Lynne McVey, and the Head of the Institute’s Depressive Disorders Program and Director of the McGill Group for Suicide Studies, Gustavo Turecki, M.D., Ph.D., has announced the granting of $7.2 million for the creation of the Centre for translational research on Mood Disorders and Suicide. This amount will be added to a contribution by the Douglas Foundation, made possible by the generosity of donors like Bell Canada and Hydro-Québec, for a total investment of more than $ 9.8 million into the Centre. 

Project aimed at reaching out to seniors at risk of depression receives award

Freedman award

A project by McGill School of nursing received the 2013 Best Emerging Practice Award,  Ted Freedman Award for Innovation in Education.  Award recipients include Cheryl Armistead, McGill Univeristy, McGill nursing students, and the seniors and members of the community who worked together to build this project.  The project's aim was to reach out to seniors at risk of depression and suicide.  The project received support from the RQSHA and the Douglas Mental Health Institute. 

More information about this project and the prize:

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