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RQSHA Research Day 2015

A big thank you to everyone who participated in last month’s research day!

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We had excellent poster presentations from our students and are pleased to see that the next generation of research in mood disorders is in so promising.

High-risk decision-making prevalent among many parents of individuals who committed suicide

Fabrice Jollant

New research by Dr. Fabrice Jollant, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at McGill University, recently published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, demonstrates how difficulty making effective decisions can predispose an individual to suicide, and by the same token, leads to potential solutions for prevention.

Read the full press release on Choosing to end it all - Difficulty making good choices is one of the factors that make certain people vulnerable to suicide

Gaining a bettter understanding of depression and suicide through the study of cerebral astrocytes

Naguib Mechawar

A new study by Naguib Mechawar and his team, published in Molecular Psychiatry, sheds light on the role of a class of cells called astrocytes in depression and suicide. This research provides evidence that networks of astrocytes are altered specifically in areas of the brain associated with mood regulation. In addition, in describing the existence of new subtypes of astrocyte, this study reveals features specific to the human brain.

Naguib Mechawar discusses new research on depression on radio and newspaper

Naguib Mechawar was featured in an interview at the Montreal radio station 98,5, in which he highlighted recent discoveries from his laboratory and the importance of the Douglas Bell Canada Brain Bank for his work and that of many researchers across the world.

Listen to the interview online: Nouvelle approche pour le diagnostic et le traitement de la dépression.

Fabrice Jollant publishes «Le Suicide - Mieux comprendre pour aider l'individu vulnérable»

Fabrice Jollant publie un livre sur le suicide

Dr. Fabrice Jollant has written a book about suicide for the general public which has just been published by the Éditions Odile Jacob publishing house.  The book titled «Le suicide - Mieux comprendre pour aider l'individu vulnérable» is an overview of the current understanding of suicide and how this knowledge can be used to help vulnerable individuals.

It is available now in France and will be distributed in Québec at the end of April.     

RQSHA members contribute to "Protective factors of suicidal behaviour in child psychiatry"

Canadian Journal of PsychiatryMany members of the Network have contributed to the  Canadian Journal of Psychiatry special edition on "Protective factors of suicidal behaviour in child psychiatry" published in February 2015.  

Read contributions of Réal Labelle,  Jean-Jacques Breton, Martin Gignac, Jean-Marc Guilé, Valentin Mbekou and Johanne Renaud in this special edition, available online on the CPA website:

Brain Bank featured on Tele-Québec

Watch a feature about the Douglas Bell Canada Brain Bank tonight, February 5 2015  at 7 PM on Télé-Québec.   The segment will air on the “Une pilule une petite granule” television show, and is titled : “Banque de cerveaux : pour étudier le suicide”.

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