Update on suicide in Quebec by the Institut national de la santé publique

The National Institute for Public Health published recently an update on the portrait of suicide in Québec, in time for the Suicide prevention week, which will take place February 4 to 10th 2018. 

This publication presents recent data from the province of Québec.  You can read this update on the INSPQ website, here:  https://www.inspq.qc.ca/publications/2345

In short, it seems that efforts made in recent years to prevent suicide have been profitable.  Since a peak in 1999, there has been an important reduction in suicide in men. During the same period, suicide rates also went down in women, but to a lesser extent.  Men between the ages of 45 and 64 are the group having the highest suicide rate in Quebec, and should be the object of more attention when establishing suicide prevention priorities.