2013-2017 Strategic direction

Over its first four years (2009-2013), the Réseau québécois de recherche sur le suicide (RQRS) was established and led to increased capacity in suicide research and increased scientific productivity by its members. While the RQRS has been very successful in its initial mission, several challenges remain.

We need to consolidate and expand efforts that proved effective, such as the promotion of clinician scientists focusing on suicide research, and the development of database platforms, particularly because these efforts, while successful, have only had incipient returns. We will also gain, and Québec would be better position to address a number of opportunities in mental health research, if the Réseau widened its scope to phenotypes, illnesses and problems that are closely related to suicide and suicidal behaviors.

Therefore, in 2013-2017 the Réseau will promote research on suicide, but also expand its mandate to mood disorders and the interface between substance disorders and suicidal behavior. To this end, the Réseau welcome several new members representing leadership in these areas across the province, and have made important partnerships. To reflect this expansion, from now on the RQRS becomes the Réseau québécois sur le suicide, les troubles de l’humeur et les troubles associés (RQSHA)