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Meeting organisation

RQSHA also promotes networking by organising and participating in scientific meetings and events.  The network recently organized the 2013 IASR World Congress on Suicide, which was held in Montreal, June 10-13, 2013.  Abstracts of the presentations are available on this page: IASR 2013 Meeting


Presentations and Teaching

Members of the RQSHA contribute to the training of the next generation of researchers by their presentations and teaching.  McGill University made a number of Cultural Psychiatry classes given by professor Laurence Kirmayer.  These and many other presentations by our researchers are available on the RQSHA Youtube channel

and on the McGill Trancultural Psychiatry channel:

Research Day - General Information & Archives

We make an effort to unite the members of our research network annually, to allow them to discuss their work, exchange their ideas, and create new collaborations. Through these activities, we help to create a close-knit and multidisciplinary  community among Quebec’s researchers in suicide and mood disorders.

The 2016 Research Day took place on November 22.  

Research Day archives

2015 - View the program, list of posters and our photo gallery here:

2014 - The 2014 RQSHA Research Day was held in conjunction with the meeting of the ACFAS.  Links:

2013 - The 2013 RQSHA Research Day was held with the World Congress on Suicide - IASR 2013, in Montreal


Public Event 

2015: Coping with Suicide: The Experiences of Persons and Families, held on August 27th, at 5:00 p.m. After the screening of the documentary “Le voyage d’une vie” by Maryse Chartrand, the public was invited to take part in a discussion, but also to hear comments on suicide, grieving and coming out of grieving from the panel led by Monique Séguin, PhD, researcher in the McGill Group for Suicide Studies (MGSS) at the Douglas Institute.