Mission and objectives


  • To promote the development of research for the prevention of suicide in Quebec.



  • Promote epigenetics research to facilitate the identification of mechanisms accounting for biological responses to environmental stressors increasing risk of suicide;
  • Further develop and improve the functioning of the Quebec Suicide Brain Bank, a unique platform that provides high quality brain tissue to the Québec and international scientific community;
  • Promote the development of suicide research in Québec focusing on the study of brain plastic changes arising from biological responses to environmental stressors;
  • Support research investigating developmental factors associated with suicide risk;
  • Promote translational studies investigating the validity and applicability of results originating from the epigenetics and trajectory efforts in youth and adult clinical populations;
  • Promote research and intervention on Aboriginal suicide in Québec;
  • Create a platform on health services that will facilitate the identification and investigation of unmet mental health treatment and service needs associated with suicide;
  • Promote and facilitate mentoring of psychiatry residents and other health professional trainees in order to foster the development of future clinician scientists on suicide research;
  • Develop a structured transfer knowledge program whereby knowledge generated by this Réseau will be transferred to community partners and other stakeholders on a regular basis by means of a series of activities.