Gustavo Turecki

Titre de civilité / Preferred title : 
Dr / Dr
Fonction / Position : 
Affiliation principale / Main affiliation: 
Institut universitaire en santé mentale Douglas

MD PhD is the head of the Depressive Disorders Program at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and director of the McGill Group for Suicide Studies, a research group that brings together over 50 individuals, including independent investigators, health professionals and graduate students interested in better understanding and treating depression and suicidal behavior. Dr. Turecki is a well-established clinician scientist whose work has centered on biomedical, clinical and neurobiological risk factors for suicide and depression and who has conducted pioneering work to understand epigenetic mechanisms explaining risk for suicide in individuals who experienced childhood maltreatment.  Dr. Turecki will continue as director of the Réseau.

Leader RQSHA: